Caruso's Dream  (2014)
A permanent, site-specific public artwork by artists Brian Goggin and Dorka Keehn in downtown San Francisco. In collaboration with the artists, I created musical light compositions synchronized to the original recordings of Enrico Caruso. To realize these compositions, I created custom software in Max, Processing, and ChucK. I also integrated the hardware system to control the lights, which plays back the compositions in sync with music broadcast on a low power FM transmitter. The piece will be unveiled on February 23, 2014.
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Emulsion Juice #1  (2013)
An audiovisual installation at the Digital Arts Expo at CalArts. Generative particle systems on a screen responded to live audio input from microphones. Participants played supplied instruments, generating different colors and patterns based on spectral and rhythmic content.
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Reptile Caligraphy (2013)
Short silent animated film.
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Elle Niño - Electrify (2012)
A music video created in 48 hours as part of the first Music Video Race. I produced the song, Electrify (with my band Elle Niño). Directed by Jonathan Clark.
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Elle Niño  (2010)
A four track EP with my band Elle Niño. I recorded and produced the songs, played and programmed drums, and contributed to songwriting. Elle Niño played dozens of shows around the SF bay area from 2009-2012.
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Multicor (2005)
An abstract film made on 16mm using a Bolex, direct on film techniques (painting and drawing on film), optical printing, and stop motion.
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Live Synaesthetic Music (2005)
Sounds and video clips triggered simultaneously with piezo disks inside a glove, creating live, syneasthetic music.
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Untitled  (2003)
An experiment in treating video like a sample, chopping it like a breakbeat.
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ControlMaps (working title, in progress)
Software for routing, mapping, and re-scaling realtime control data.

Software for Caruso's Dream (2013-2014)
A compositional system for the lights in Caruso's Dream, created in Max.

FFT Control (2013)
Software for generating control signals (in the form of MIDI or OSC messages) from a realtime FFT analysis of audio. Prototype written in ChucK and Processing; currently in development as a VST plugin.
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MFA candidate – Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence & Design
California Institute of the Arts, 2012-2014

BA – Integrated Arts: Film & Music
Bard College, 2001-2005